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Our history

Aceitunas Sarasa is a family company dedicated to the preparation and production of high quality olives and pickles. It was founded in 1968 by Rafael Rubio and Carmen Sarasa in “Las Conejeras”, a neighborhood in the Navarran town Andosilla. Currently with 50 years of work and managed by the second generation of founders, the aim is to keep innovation of its products and services as well as the ongoing growth and modernization of its assets which have transformed Aceitunas Sarasa in one of the leading companies in its field. The entrepreneurial vision along with the experience gained during all these years, have allowed Aceitunas Sarasa to reach new international markets with full warranties, being currently present in over 30 countries.

Cutting-edge facilities

Aceitunas Sarasa has two processing plants. The first with 11,000m2 in Andosilla, Navarra and the second with 15,000m2 in Almendralejo, Badajoz. Both factories incorporate modern facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology, allowing full flexibility to meet customer needs. The facilities are designed to achieve optimization and profitability of processes, ensuring labor welfare of workers, and meet the requirements of international standards that guarantee food quality and safety of our products.

Quality and certifications

Aceitunas Sarasa meets the highest standards for quality and food safety.

Developments in food quality and safety of the company in recent years has matched the requirements of international standards, currently reaching a high level of its processes according to the IFS "International Food Standard", recognized by the mass distribution.

IFS certification recognizes Aceitunas Sarasa’s commitment to quality, food safety and compliance with legal requirements of its products, representing a total guarantee for our customers.

Committed team

With the location of its facilities in urban centers of medium and small size, Aceitunas Sarasa acts, along with other companies, as an engine of local development, creating high quality jobs for young people in the area and enhancing especially female employment. More than 100 employees contribute with their knowledge, talent and skill to make the product according to the demanding quality standards of the company.

Aceitunas Sarasa´s team is structured in different departments: sales, administration, production, logistics, quality and food safety, environmental, R & D and export. In 2011, Aceitunas Sarasa began a project to gradually implement social responsibility criteria in their strategy, planning and management, which has resulted in its "I Sustainability Report" published in October 2013.

The value of the raw material

We select all our raw materials according to the most demanding quality criteria. Our experience and expertise allow us to have agreements with farmers in different geographical areas of national olives production. The raw material is taken care of from the time of harvest, which is done in the traditional way and always at its optimum ripeness, until it is processed in our facilities. High quality raw material, the expertise of spicing experts processing lines equipped with the latest technology, allow Aceitunas Sarasa market products of high quality and exceptional taste.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Aceitunas Sarasa and sport sponsorship

SARASA is convinced that the practice of sport, combined with a balanced diet, contributes to a better quality of life.

Sponsorship of sports teams from different disciplines, promoting sports activities through media of the company, or the organization of sports events, among other activities, show the company's commitment to sport.